Over the last few years Calligaris has gained the attention of the international contract markets, due to our growth from product recognition in various significant projects. This is in part due to an approach that is based on continuous investments into innovation and an expansion of our product range.

Calligaris was founded in 1923 as an artisan workshop – a source of tradition, style, and quality. The company has had a long standing history that has seen, taken on, and embraced the latest technologies, making it highly geared towards internationalization. This evolution started with the use of wood and developed into the modern-day use of mixed materials with the introduction of new combinations: plastic, metal, fabric, methacrylates, and glass. The development of each product is a process that involves a deep knowledge of the intended market with the right combination of expertise and experimentation. Calligaris’ approach is based on few essential elements: the continuous investment on the range and depth of its products together with research into functionality and ingenuity.


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