MT Contract

Marc Aubin

MTContract is a Shelby, Michigan-based manufacturer of high quality contract furniture.

Where are we going?


When it comes down to it, how does one measure success? Sure, you can be a “bottom line” person – all dollars and cents. That’s certainly one way to do it. (I’m sure that’s what our bankers would prefer). But that’s not how we measure success here at MTContract.

We’ve mentioned here on this site, that “our mission is to help you achieve your mission”. We mean it. This is not always an easy thing to accomplish. Sometimes we fall over ourselves. Sometimes we say “yes” when we should have said “no”. Sometimes we make mistakes. It can be frustrating. But it’s worth it. It may not seem so in the moment, but we learn and improve every day.

Your success is what really matters to us. It’s why we say “yes”. It’s why we are here. It’s why we come to work in the morning. It’s what makes us feel good at the end of the day. You see, we can only be a success by helping you be a success. Wherever your projects take us, our mission is to help you achieve your mission.


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