Peter Pepper Products


Peter Pepper had a vision: accessories designed to enliven the work environment and assist employees to be more productive. In 1952 that vision became a reality.​​
The mandate was clear: the strength of this vision must start by demanding the highest caliber of design,
producing an inspired
product line offering unparalleled selection.
Peter Pepper Products has consistently delivered high quality products, identifying real solutions and meeting the price specifications of your most complex problems, yet never compromising the integrity of the design.
Peter Pepper’s vision was also one of responsiveness and synergy. Establishing relationships based on partnership and performance, Peter Pepper initiated a new standard of attention to the client relationship, defining customer service as customer commitment.
At Peter Pepper Products we will continue to strive to maintain the spirit of Peter Pepper’s original vision.
Design and Performance.
Diversity and practicality.
Vision is fact. Peter Pepper Products.