Special T Tables


Founded in 1998
Special-T creates a successful company and community culture by building on traits of a nurturing, supportive family that shares tools and standards, reflective of a family dedication to the success and relationships of its employees and clients. Building Tables, Building Community and ReBuilding Lives is the backbone of Special-T’s mission.

Special-T provides the office furniture industry with innovative and high-quality tables, steel table bases and table base systems. In addition, we offer the industry the best materials, fabrication, finishes, hardware, accessories and customer service.
Company Overview
Our customers include office furniture dealers, table manufacturers and re-manufacturers. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Resource Alliance, a family-owned business with half a century of experience in the office furnishings industry. We attribute our staying power and growth to the following:

• Alert, responsive customer service
• High quality products, low prices
• Debt-free, financially stable company


Our goal is to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships using the highest level of values, ethics and unique products.
Let us help you by …

• Putting profit back into your projects
• Solving problems with creative solutions
• Utilizing ‘A’ Grade tables and bases

We offer a wide variety of training room tables, beak room tables, and adjustable height tables.


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